Oitme hostel welcomes you on the island of Saaremaa. Our hostel is situated in the North Saaremaa, Leisi. The unique retro hostel on the countryside used to be one of the Soviet Union’s collective farms in the kolkhoz times. We have preserved that history in a particular way.

We offer You

  •  43 beds in 13 bedrooms for 2-5 people
  •  a common room
  •  6 showers, 4 toilets
  •  washing machine and dryer
  • sauna with 2 showers
  •  kitchen for your usage, including a large fridge, electric cooker, two sinks, and  dishwasher
  •  cowshed themed dining room with enough tableware for 45 people

Our big holiday house lies next to the beautiful pastureland. We have an outdoor field for parties, concerts etc with lighting and stage.

Oitme hostel offers many possibilities for outdoor activities like volleyball, mini-football, swinging or just recreation by the campfire. Furthermore, there’s a campsite. All this with a beautiful view to the Triigi bay makes it a perfect place for vacations, reunions, fests etc.

Check-in 18.00-22.00

Check-out -14.00

You are welcome!

 info@oitme.ee /  +372 503 3930